Our Approach



Optimise preconception nutrition

Boost egg and sperm health

Support a regular menstrual cycle and ovulation

Support implantation

Dietary management of conditions impacting fertility such as PCOS, endometriosis, hypothalamic amenorrhoea, diabetes and coeliac disease

Nutrition for assisted reproductive treatments

Personalised preconception supplement plan

children nutritionist


Trimester specific nutrition

Confidence with food safety

Dietary management of nausea, vomiting, reflux, constipation and fatigue

Healthy pregnancy weight gain

Nutrition strategies to reduce the risk of pregnancy complications

Dietary management of gestational diabetes

Nutrition for a multiple pregnancy

Personalised prenatal supplement plan

peadiatric nutrition


Nutrition to support healing after birth

Nutrition for breastfeeding

Support with elimination diets due to food allergies in your breastfed baby

Dietary management of postpartum constipation and fatigue

Personalised postpartum supplement plan

Nutrition Consultations

Our nutrition consultations are individualised to you and your needs. The initial consultation will involve a comprehensive assessment where I will gather information on your medical history, medications and supplements, blood tests and any other relevant medical tests, menstrual cycle (where relevant), gut health, diet and lifestyle. Together we will set achievable goals and develop a personalised nutrition plan.

Couples Preconception Nutrition Consultation

If you and your partner are wanting to work together to optimise your preconception health and nutrition to boost your chances of conceiving and growing a healthy baby then this consultation is for you! You will both receive a personalised nutrition plan.


Our nutrition coaching packages are designed to support you throughout your fertility and pregnancy journey. The coaching packages are tailored to you and your needs.